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MaleMale, 2526 Feb 2020 17:48
I really wanna fuck my sister but I don't think she feels the same :( we used to fool around when we was young and I think she remembers
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MaleMale, 1425 Feb 2020 06:39
I sleep in my grannys bed and she let's me wear her knickers when we go to bed. I get hard and stay hard while wearing them and tonight actually put it in her lovely wet pussi while she was asleep and slowly eased it in and out until I shot my load balls deep into her and she smiled after my warm juice was in her
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MaleMale, 1920 Feb 2020 12:52
My friends jokes about my dick that its small.. but its around 5.5' and i think its pretty fine.. i dont want to show them my dick but they are urging me by making jokes of it.
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FemaleFemale, 2309 Feb 2020 07:16
Guys I got drink, sucked dick then gave another guy a hand job. And then I fell asleep in his bed. I really wished I fucked him to because he had a big dick
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MaleMale, 1704 Feb 2020 21:25
I'm a sub and I so badly want to be dominated like hell. It would be better if it's someone older than me. I don't care if it's a man or a woman either.
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