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MaleMale, 3414 Jan 2018 03:47
I admire people who kill themselves or at least try. I've been too long on this planet but don't have the balls to do anything about it.
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FemaleFemale, 1320 Nov 2017 08:15
My parents went to a wedding and me and my brother tried s#x for the first time we followed the shower p##n format
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MaleMale, 3829 Oct 2017 09:49
I have a thing for much older women I get turned on thinking they would just love some attention I'm quite and shy and would love to run my fingers softly all over a much older lady's s#xy body make her feel like she's young again
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FemaleFemale, 1325 Oct 2017 22:35
Ii think i like both boys and girls and I watch p##no and dream of f##king people
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FemaleFemale, 1510 Oct 2017 23:56
I live with my grandma. And so does my mom dad and siblings. My dumb@$$ grandma p##sed me off every time I see her. Even when She does not say anything to me I still get mad at her. She is so mean and childish. She is annoying mostly.
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