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FemaleFemale, 2223 May 2018 06:44
I am obsessed with porn.how could I remove this obsession???
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MaleMale, 1926 Jan 2018 22:34
I caught my coworker jerking off on a doughnut he served to a customer he didn't like and I just about puked watching her eat it. Why are people so ignorant? It makes me paranoid to eat out anywhere.
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MaleMale, 3403 Nov 2017 12:08
I fantasize about her riding the train when I'm Super on one ..Sooo bad its terrible and will never speak on it if...
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MaleMale, 1831 Oct 2017 15:47
I want to fuck my girlfriend so much, but she's in another state right now...
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FemaleFemale, 1316 Oct 2017 01:18
I feel like Iím the best even though thatís not rlly a secret
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