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MaleMale, 1526 Jan 2018 13:08
We went swimming last week and my stupid dog started tonguing my friends ass while we were changing into our clothes. This week my mom told me he's been taking the dog out for a walk everyday after school. WTF??
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MaleMale, 8420 Jan 2018 00:45
Wtf wrong with u u bitch block me..for baby sitting my one only grandson I haven't seen in 3yrs cos of stupid cheating step dad wouldn't let me..I jumped in. N said yes when I was asked if I watch him n his sister' so my son's Brandon daughter in law Bree her brother can help her take her ex crap to his mom n I didn't take my charger cos I was offered to staying da nite after Sam left cos she was jealous..really grow da fuk up
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FemaleFemale, 1506 Nov 2017 03:02
I have so many sexual fanstys about this guy I've talked to and Omg 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏💦💦💦💦
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MaleMale, 3404 Nov 2017 04:59
I fingered my wife's sister one night when she got drunk and spent the night at our house. She says she doesn't remember anything about that night but I think she's lying.
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MaleMale, 2401 Nov 2017 05:17
I wish I could find a dom girlfriend, I like to be the submissive little one ☹ I don't think I'll ever be in a happy relationship and have the girl as the big spoon. 😢
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