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MaleMale, 3625 Nov 2017 00:15
I want to watch someone with a bigger cock fuck my girlfriend & for her to look at me half way through & say "this feels much better than your little dick" at that moment I'd Spunk accros the pair of them!
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FemaleFemale, 2522 Nov 2017 18:02
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FemaleFemale, 1408 Nov 2017 02:53
I'm in love with my best friends brother. But I'm starting to fall for my best friend too. But I love the brother more. I'm just confused about my best friend. I love my best friend as a brother. But my best friends brother I know I love him.
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MaleMale, 3404 Nov 2017 04:59
I fingered my wife's sister one night when she got drunk and spent the night at our house. She says she doesn't remember anything about that night but I think she's lying.
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MaleMale, 2626 Oct 2017 23:06
My girlfriend sister has somehow gotten my phone number mixed up with her boyfriend's and sent me a bunch of nudes. I sent her back some pics of my cock and all she said was how much bigger my cock looked to her. It must have been the angle I said.
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