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FemaleFemale, 4128 Nov 2017 18:46
Tonight I've s#xted, texted, ghosted & rooted 4 individual guys. Three of them are under 29. It's kinda thrilling knowing I've juggled four guys in four ways without getting caught out. They are NSA/FWBs anyhow, so it's of no consequence to me even if they do find out I'm the Playa playing the Player! 😼
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MaleMale, 2823 Nov 2017 02:22
I've been seeing this girl for awhile now. We've been f##king alot & she has some HUGE b##bs. She happens to be my mate's sister
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MaleMale, 3404 Nov 2017 06:17
I fantasize about having s#x with young girls
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MaleMale, 3001 Nov 2017 13:37
I still love my ex even though I know we're not right for each other. I enjoyed s#x with her more than unique girl I've ever been with in my entire life. We would fight and then have makeup s#x almost everyday. We both are selfish. We can't hold a civilized conversation. I lay down at night and sometimes cry for a long time missing her.
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FemaleFemale, 1815 Oct 2017 06:16
I was raped my dad go though deep depression and I'm a mum and only 18 😭😭
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