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MaleMale, 1301 Feb 2018 06:40
My oldest sister got grounded yesterday for throwing her shit bucket out the window and it splashed all over our neighbors. None of the toilets around here are working so we each have pails in our rooms that we have dump down the sewer drain in the basement.
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MaleMale, 1331 Jan 2018 22:34
As for me, I've had so many dicks shrivel up and fall on the floor, our dog Biddles never gets hungry.
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MaleMale, 3405 Nov 2017 05:45
I'm disgusted by transgender people. I don't hate them...they can do whatever the fuck they want... but it's gross as fuck.
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MaleMale, 2902 Nov 2017 12:24
I've been wanting to try a big fat cock in my anus and i have not found one when I do itll be my first time i hope i get one soon.... any tips???
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FemaleFemale, 3830 Oct 2017 12:51
I have a boyfriend that keeps going back to his mothers pl. Every time we have a urgument. Can never be here to help or to comfort me . And i need him to be. But when i start to move on . He comes back.
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