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MaleMale, 5616 Jun 2019 15:20
Have you been trying to contact me, Kary ?.
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MaleMale, 4022 Feb 2019 11:28
Poor homeless people make me sick just today I had one asked me for$2 for probably beer money I mean come on this is 2019 and I just can't believe anyone would let themselves get to the point of wanting to be homeless
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FemaleFemale, 3331 Dec 2017 08:17
I have a fetish for younger men.
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MaleMale, 2302 Nov 2017 00:08
It's sometimes inappropriate but whenever i see a girl with red/ginger hair, it drives me crazy! Every time.
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FemaleFemale, 1323 Oct 2017 03:28
I stole my crushes number from his sister's phone. His sister and I are really good friends. I stole his number and texted him from a hidden texting app. I admitted I liked him. He wants to know who I am. So I told him to ask his sister for my number. Well he never texted so I texted first. Saying. Hi it's *my name" apperently you want to ask a question. I sent it a few minutes ago. He hadn't replied. So I'm kinda scared.
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