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FemaleFemale, 1805 Feb 2019 15:28
I just saw my ex in a floral robe with a wig on he was yelling
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MaleMale, 5307 Apr 2018 21:48
Je t’écrire pour te dire que je ne peux pas vivre sans toi, tu embellis ma vie par tes sourires et tes regards tendres. Mon amour je pense à toi en toute heure et où que je sois. Tu es toujours présent dans mon cœur et dans mon âme. Je t’aime.
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FemaleFemale, 2006 Dec 2017 06:59
I slept with 3 guys in rfdame day/night period. We used condoms but I don't know what to do with myself because I feel bad for not feeling more badly. But I have a girlfriend and she doesn't even know that I am bisexual and not a lesbian.
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FemaleFemale, 1408 Nov 2017 23:58
My boyfriend is always busy and never ready to talk to me while his best friend just seems to want my virginity when are they going to stop treating me like this it hurts.
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MaleMale, 3501 Nov 2017 21:13
Ive been widowed for ove a year now. I know I'm not ready for another relationship right now. But I miss having sex.
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