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MaleMale, 1422 Feb 2019 11:26
My school Librarian Is been known to wiper tits all over the books I've seen her do it I've witnessed it and the school does nothing butt spank me with paddles that is so 1987
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MaleMale, 4908 Feb 2019 10:37
Jeff Daniels turns me on so much I jack off to arachnophobia at least three times a week but I'm scared of spiders that's what's weird
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FemaleFemale, 1619 Feb 2018 18:08
Someone kicked me earlier because I told them to turn around, what a bitch 😂
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FemaleFemale, 1422 Dec 2017 02:28
I like my Best friends brother. And he likes someone else. Not proud anymore
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MaleMale, 2716 Nov 2017 11:02
im atracted to girls from the age of 15 and up.....
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