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MaleMale, 5904 Feb 2018 20:21
They gave me this stupid tablet when I signed up, and that's trouble too. I take it to the office and secretly watch Mr. Bean videos at my desk all day with the sound turned down, and funny pet videos on youtube. Not good, not good!
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FemaleFemale, 1424 Dec 2017 03:15
I'm trying to quit masterbating. But it's so hard. Especially when the shower head is on jet. And your favorite singer is playing. (Perfect by Ed Sheeran) and the jet is just basically fucking your pussy. And just ahhhh &A
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FemaleFemale, 2723 Nov 2017 05:24
In love with my best friend so much I come running when there's a chance to have sex with him
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MaleMale, 1719 Nov 2017 10:17
To take my stepdad's monster cock in n my pussy and ass. I accidentally walked in on him masturbating and I just couldn't stop looking at how big it was. It had to be over 12 inchs and fat as a soda can. I got so wet it looked like I pissed my pants. He just smiled and striking until he shot some much cum out I practically felt it's force shoot deep in ms Fuck it I'm going for it right now.
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FemaleFemale, 1306 Nov 2017 09:42
Reading all the grown men post about touching themselves makes my little kitty purr 😉😉
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