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FemaleFemale, 1720 Jun 2019 23:24
When I daydream I think about people doing sexual things to me.
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MaleMale, 3121 Feb 2019 09:03
I have an allergy to Cotton every time I use cotton balls a bunch of rabbits will attack me for some reason are they mad?
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MaleMale, 5904 Feb 2018 20:21
They gave me this stupid tablet when I signed up, and that's trouble too. I take it to the office and secretly watch Mr. Bean videos at my desk all day with the sound turned down, and funny pet videos on youtube. Not good, not good!
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FemaleFemale, 1423 Dec 2017 02:40
I dreamed of kissing and making out with my guy best friend. All our other friends ship us together. But I dunno if he feels the same. Plus I just got rejected by my BFB. (Best friends brother) plus I think I like this other guy. He different when around me. Like nicer and sweet. Especially at church. But my guy best friend was singing underneath his breath and since we were watching a movie in the dark. I was just watching his lips. I think he knew it. But I don't know. Help please. &A
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MaleMale, 3122 Dec 2017 16:24
I like men and women I'm bisexual I fuck like dog
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