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MaleMale, 3905 Feb 2019 15:27
I can't read and want to learn problem is that I'm blind and don't have hands
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MaleMale, 3712 Dec 2018 17:46
I'm married but love sex with men older men. I wear my wifes panties when I meet guys. Any one wanna play btw!!!
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FemaleFemale, 1701 Sep 2018 05:48
I hate guys who think that they're girlfriends can't do anything unless they say it's ok like if she's they're property,an object. That they can't be in after school sports because he won't be able to see her even thoughthey see each other all day everyday. I hate that girls themselves actually do what they're bofriend tells them to do when they don't have to.
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FemaleFemale, 1716 Apr 2018 17:59
I love you kyle 😍😍you will neverlove me
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MaleMale, 3123 Jan 2018 15:43
OMG! Yesterday, I went to the washroom and as I was standing there getting ready to pee at the urinal, this old guy came up beside me. I must've had some lint stuck on the end of my privates because the pee went sideways and landed on his shoe. OMG!!!!!! I had to wipe it off. It was sooo embarrassing!!!
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